About Us

Troop 13 was founded in October of 2020. Our first meeting only had twelve people show up. We started from nothing and hit the ground running. We have slowly built structure and a good troop, all of this was done by some awesome adults, and the boys. One of the biggest things for Troop 13 is the fact that we think it is very important for the boys to run the program and for parents to be guides, but the parents/adults are not there to run the program that job is up to the boys!

Troop 13

Troop 13 has had a short history, but in our short history we have shaped into a troop that helps young boys go through their scouting journey and we show what the true meaning of a community is. Sometimes it is not about the destination, but the journey you took to get there. That is something that we are shaping right now, our journey as a troop to get the destination of a community that is built on something that we built together as a troop.

We are charted by the Frisco Scout Foundation go to http://friscoscout.org/ for more information.